Message – Bishop Sebastian Adayanthrath

We look forward

The community of the faithful by its very nature is prophetic. We get it from our Master who stood for Truth and suffered for the same. One of the ways through which this prophetic role is fulfilled is education, education which builds communities of sharing and caring. Through education, the community of the faithful would like to mould children of every faith towards aspiring for common good, caring for the vulnerable and standing up for values which are highly universal. We have been successful in this struggle due to our Managers, teachers and parents and local communities. Our goal is to make the best education accessible to everyone, our teachers working together with a common goal which is training the minds to look out for one another. Join us in our struggle to reach out to people of every faith, colour, and race. May our priority be students and their formation and nothing else.

Sincerely yours,
Bishop Sebastian Adayanthrath