Our Mission

The Mission Statement

Our mission is to enlighten, to encourage, and to support the general education of all children. And develop an integral growth of personality based on Christian values and ethics.


  • Satisfy the educational need of the students, in spite of their creed cast and community.
  • Give formation to become humane person in their character so that they may have concern towards the marginalized and downtrodden.
  • Enable them pursue knowledge with an insatiable thirst.
  • Embellish their personality with healthy relationship, good leadership and well discipline.
  • Promote healthy relationship with staff and students so that instill them with well respect to their elders and parents.
  • Enable them to be proud of our nation and of our heritage.
  • Make them efficient, energetic and equip for choosing a good career in their life.
  • Equip the staff with updated knowledge and enable them to handle the students with care.