Message – Cardinal George Alenchery

As education moulds the life of everyone, the proper education is very important for the integral growth of a human being. Good education is not only learning from the text books, but also to be constructive in nature and to construct our future for the welfare of onself and the society. Life is all about taking decisions and education helps us to make right decisions in our life at a right time. Understanding the importance of education, a good teacher, works for the proper formation of students, thereby forming responsible people and society.

The earnest attempt taken by the Corporate Educational Agency to create a web site with an aim of bringing all the schools under it is outstanding. I congratulate all who have worked to achieve this goal. I am sure the wb site will strengthen the co-operation among the management and staff of different schools functioning under the Corporate Educational Agency.

Cardinal George Alenchery
Major Archbishop of Ernakulam-Angamaly